What if, instead of land-ing the sea, we try sea-ing the land?

Sea-ing the Land is a traveling pop-up photo and video art installation accompanied by a photo book. The exhibition is based on scientific anthropological research that explored the interplay between the land and the sea. Based on the above mind experiment by the famous anthropologist Tim Ingold, I have conducted three months of ethnographic research in Rainbow Bay, the surf mecca of Australia. 

My name is Kyra Lenting and next to being an anthropologist, I am also a passionate surfer and artist. I am going on a ‘book tour’ along the European coast this upcoming summer, starting in The Netherlands all the way down to Spain. During this roadtrip I will visit at least 10 surf camps. By telling the story of the surf community in Australia to other surf communities, I seek to collect new sea-based stories and continue my project by creating new content.

Tour Dates

26. June – The hague – Elements boardfestival

06. July 2021 – Le Pin Sec – Ripstar

09. July 2021 – Mimizan – Pura Vida Lodge

13. July 2021 – Moliets – Vegan Surf Camp

14. July 2021 – Moliets – Surfblend

15. July 2021 – Messanges – Nature Surf Camp

16. July 2021 – Vieux Boucau – Brunotti Beach Camp

18. July 2021 – Vieux Boucau – Surfblend

21. July 2021 – Seignosse – Surfblend

25. July – Zarautz – Surfblend

10. August – Oyambre – Ripstar


The photo book combines photos, quotes and a brief anthropological analysis to contest the conventional separation of the land and the sea. It provides insight into notion of freedom by the Australian surf community of Rainbow Bay.

Short Movie

The short (10min) immersive, sensory movie creates the lived experience of the Australian surfing community by mashing up video and audio fragments.


The pop-up exhibition combines the photos, the short movie and the insights of the photobook. The exhibition also acts as a conversation starter to collect new sea-based stories to continue the project.

New Stories

There have been many stories told about what the ocean means to surfers in a variety of formats. However, few have been focusing on what the land means to surfers and how it influences their perspective on the interplay between nature and culture. By telling the story of the surf community in Australia to other surf communities, I seek to collect new perspectives on this topic and broaden the narrative.

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