Hi, my name is Kyra

Next to having a big affinity for cultural anthropology, I also have a love for making art and design. I aim to explore the junction between academia, research and multimedia technology in order to communicate complex topics through creative narratives. I aspire to work in academia or an NGO environment that supports research and the translation of social issues through creative storytelling.

Creative storytelling integrating social science and art

As a trained anthropologist I am able to link holistic stories to broader theoretical concepts that propose a closer understanding of human behaviour. As a professional designer I am able to make accessible content using a variety of audio, visual and sensory techniques. Through combining my social science education and creative expertise I propose new forms of research and narration.


multimedia ethnographic methods

Data Analysis

analyzing and translating data


creating sensory representations

Qualitative Research Methods
Multimedia Ethnography
Audio, Video and Photography recording
Nvivo Qualitative data analysis
all Adobe Creative Software
Concept development
Art Direction

I am not an artist or an anthropologist. I am an arthropologist. I combine different media of art with research methods of anthropology.